QNAP short-depth AMD Ryzen rackmount NAS


QNAP is announce the launch of a new 8-bay short-depth AMD Ryzen rackmount NAS in the form of the TS-873AeU. Designed for optimal virtualization performance and hybrid cloud applications the TS-873AeU NAS series includes the TS-873AeU and TS-873AeU-RP systems.

QNAP AMD Ryzen rackmount NAS

“The TS-873AeU series adopts the high-performance ‘Zen’-core AMD Ryzen™ embedded processors, and features M.2 PCIe slots to empower SSD caching technology for optimal NAS performance” said Jerry Deng, Product Manager of QNAP. “With flexible I/O expandability and versatile QTS applications, it fulfills resource-demanding tasks such as massive data backup/sync/recovery, cloud gateways, virtualization, surveillance and security management.”

“The compact 2U rackmount TS-873AeU-RP combines an AMD Ryzen™ V1000 series V1500B quad-core/eight-thread 2.2 GHz processor and dual-2.5GbE connectivity in one chassis. Compared to its previous generation, the TS-873AeU-RP is enhanced with two M.2 PCIe Gen3 x 1 ports for NVMe SSD cache acceleration or Edge TPU empowered AI image recognition. Cutting-edge hardware integrated with comprehensive software solutions makes the TS-873AeU-RP the preeminent choice to tackle resource-demanding applications and tasks, such as virtual machines or intensive multi-user access. The space-efficient short depth design of only 11.7 inches (297.4 mm) makes it easy to install in small media cabinets or places with a lot of cabling. The TS-873AeU-RP also features two redundant power supplies to ensure maximum system uptime.”

“The 2U rackmount TS-873AeU-RP has a short depth design of only 11.7 inches (297.4 mm), making it an excellent choice for smaller racks, wall-mount AV rack cabinets, and network rack cabinets. The space saved by the short depth design can be reserved for cabling or ventilation. The TS-873AeU-RP is space-saving for flexible deployment and is especially suitable for multiple locations and applications including offices, audiovisual rooms, and security surveillance recording.”

Source : QNAP

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