watchOS 8.5 causing Apple Watch 7 to charge slower


Apple recently released their watchOS 8.5 software update for the Apple Watch, now some owners of the Apple Watch Series 7 are reporting an issue with the update.

Some owners of the Apple Watch Series 7 have reported that the fast charging feature is not working on their devices since the update. There are a number of reports on both Reddit and the Apple Watch forums.

One user reported that:

Well mine seems to be charging about half as fast as it was prior to update, maybe… the night before the update I got 40% in 15min, 20%-60% and then to 90% in another 15min. After updating to 8.5 I got 40% in about 30min 52%-92%. But maybe it slowed down cause it’s at the higher end of the charge? I guess i should have run it down to 20%. It does seem to be charging pretty fast though. I mean it’s quit acceptable nonetheless. Have you restarted the watch and tried it again

Another said that:

I can also confirm, the boost pro stopped charging my Series 7 altogether after updating to watchOS 8.5. It’ll charge normally on Apple chargers, but the Belkin fast charger recently released no longer works. Considering the absolute desolate landscape that third party fast charging for Series 7 is currently, how quickly Apple releases a fix for this is critical for Belkin and others to keep customer trust.

It is not clear as yet what may be causing the issue, if you own the Apple Watch Series 7 and have had this issue since you installed the watchOS 8.5 software update, please leave a comment below and let us know.

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