Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G ‘Root Beer’ watch unveiled


As well as the new Tudor Blck Bay Pro, Tudor also unveiled a new version of the popular Black Bay GMT, the Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G.

The Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G comes with a steel and gold casing and bracelet and it features a ‘Root Beer’ style bezel in black and brown.

Tudor Black Bay GMT Root Beer

The design of the new Tudor GMT Root Beer remains the same as the previous model, the watch features a 41mm casing and it is constructed from 316L stainless steel and yellow gold.

Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G

Black Bay GMT S&G is a model with multiple time zones, a highly functional complication that establishes local time without losing sight of the time in two other time zones. Recognisable by its 24-hour graduated rotating bezel with two colours, representing day and night, the Black Bay GMT S&G also gives a subtle aesthetic nod to the history of this watchmaking function.

We suspect that the new Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G or Black Bay Root Beer is going to be another hit for Tudor.

Tudor Black Bay GMT Root Beer

The Watch will be available with a stainless steel and yellow gold bracelet for £4,290, a leather strap for £3,320, and with a fabric strap for £3,320. You can find out more information over at Tudor’s website at the link below.

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