Amazon Glow now available to everyone in the USA


The Amazon Glow device launched last September, it was only available to limited customers on an invite-only basis, it is now available to everyone in the USA.

Amazon has announced that the Amazon Glow is now available to buy in the USA for $299.99 and it is available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

Glow is Amazon’s first device built specifically for kids from the ground up. Originally available via a limited “invite only” release, Glow now arrives with improved performance, expanded app compatibility with smartphones and tablets, and new games that allow siblings in the same house to have fun together on the device.
“We know a majority of parents say it’s challenging for their kids to stay engaged on traditional video calls, and, let’s be honest, stay in one place,” said Joerg Tewes, General Manager, Amazon Glow. “Glow is like a giant virtual recreation room bursting with fun, creating a magical experience that captivates kids and delights the entire family. Customers have told us that ‘Glow Time’ happens all the time in their homes as kids embrace the new direct access they have for fun with distant family members.”

You can find out more details about the Amazon Glow device over at Amazon’s website at the link below.

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