Bloodborne PSX developer is making Bloodborne Kart next


To my mind the original PlayStation never had a good kart racer, but that might change sometime in the future – sort of. The developer of the recent Bloodborne PSX demake has announced their next project and yep, it’s Bloodborne Kart. There’s a teaser trailer below.

Bloodborne PSX developer Lilith Walther tweeted the trailer on Friday:

I appreciate the Akira reference, too.

Although there are no other details, the trailer says that the game will come “when it’s ready.”

Bloodborne PSX launched in January after years of development. Despite the novelty of the idea – what if Bloodborne was a PSX-era game? – the actual results were surprisingly robust. The free game, which you can grab from Itch, covers the opening areas of Bloodborne up until Father Gascoigne, with impressive commitment both to the PSX aesthetic and to replicating Bloodborne’s Victorian horror.

It should hopefully go without saying that From Software and Sony are not involved in these demakes or fan games in any way.

If Bloodborne PSX is any indication, it’s probably worth following Walther on Twitter for regular GIFs and updates on Bloodborne Kart. I’m hoping it’s good, but the real challenge will be making it more horrifying than Crash Team Racing.

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