Liveblog: All the news from the Future Games Show


Welcome to 2001’s hottest web technology: liveblogging! Rather than watch this evening’s Future Games Show spring showcase and then write several posts about the games of note therein (1-3, max), we thought we’d open a liveblog and parp little text farts amiably throughout the show. You can join in with your own parps! Let’s see if we harmonise.

You can watch the livestream here when it begins at 10pm GMT/6pm EDT/3pm EDT:

Announcements and new trailers for the biggest games tend to be reserved for first-party broadcasts, shows by the major publishers, or GeoffFest. That means the Future Game Show tends to feature the mid-tier and indie games that lie beyond. That doesn’t mean there won’t be interesting games afoot, just don’t go staying up late expecting something new from Kojima.

Also I’ve not used the spanking new liveblog feature yet so let’s do it.

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