Elden Ring’s player messages make for the perfect social media platform


Social media sucks doesn’t it? You sign up for a feed of dross that never stops, like you’ve paid for a rotten Fruit Winder that simply won’t stop unwinding. Others who’ve bought into the same Fruit Winder exchange thoughts on its sour taste, until yet more, who quite like the flavour, come to its defense in droves. A war of words ensues over whether the Fruit Winder tastes nice. And it’s not even a Fruit Winder, it’s an app called Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, for goodness sakes.

Admittedly, there is something gratifying about popping off on social media. Even just getting a few likes for a dumb joke can make you feel alive. So, I say you swap Twitter for Elden Ring, a superior social media platform: You leave players helpful messages or total dross, it gets appraised, you feel great. Invading other worlds is a more interactive way of making friends and/or enemies too – it’s perfect.

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