Twelve South BackPack for 24 inch iMac launched


Twelve South has launched a new accessory for Apple’s 24 inch iMac, the Twelve South BackPack, the accessory is designed for the rear of the iMac.

This new Twelve South BackPack sits on the rear stand of your 24 inch iMac and it is designed as a handy shelve to store things like backup drives and more.

BackPack for the M1 iMac is a fresh take on the first product released by Twelve South – 12 years ago. This sleek aluminum BackPack shelf quickly and seamlessly attaches to the back your iMac stand to declutter your desk by hiding hard drives and hubs behind your iMac. If the back of your iMac faces co-workers or customers, the matte white shelf becomes your personal pedestal to showcase awards, art or even your favorite action figures.

Twelve South BackPack

BackPack attaches to the back of your iMac stand, which is the perfect place to keep things like backup hard drives and hubs hidden. The aluminum vented shelf includes an Apple Watch-like band that lets you strap gear to the top and bottom of BackPack. Included Twist Ties make it easy to tidy up cables and keep that clean, minimal iMac aesthetic.

You can find out more information about the new Twelve South BackPack for the 24 inch iMac over at the company’s website at the link below.

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