Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a pure ray of sunshine for the soul


Last year, Ed wrote about how he wished Ian Hitman could skip in IO Interactive’s big shiny assassin sim. Well, Agent 47 clearly needs to make the next stop on his international mission list a nice, relaxing retreat on the Mediterranean island of Pinar del Mar. Not to murder anyone, of course. But to hang out with Alba for some all important frolicking lessons. She’s a pro at this skipping marlarkey. If she’s not throwing her arms out like an aeroplane when she’s running up and down the yellowing hills of this sleepy little island village, she’s doing a jolly little skip that is probably the most delightful thing I’ve ever seen in a video game. In fairness, the whole game is just pure joy distilled into a chill wildlife photography adventure, but man alive, the skipping is something else. More of this please, developers.

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