The ultimate tech survival kit for any emergency


If you would like to be prepared for almost any eventuality a new video created by the team over at Linus Tech Tips provides inspiration for creating your very own ultimate tech survival kit. As well as featuring all the standard survival items such as space blankets, waterproof matches, space food and rations. The survival kit also includes all the essential tech you need to stay connected and living comfortably during electrical blackouts, earthquakes and more.

If you live in volatile locations around the world as always good idea to have a bag stashed somewhere easily accessible way you can keep the most important life-saving essentials easy at hand should the worst happen. It’s also important to be able to power your gadgets in the case of electrical failure and a portable power station is a perfect way to do this. The video below has been sponsored by Anker and promotes their 521 power station but there are plenty of alternatives available offering different combinations of power, ports and features to suit your exact needs.

Ultimate tech survival kit

Rather than purchasing one off-the-shelf is always best to make sure you have the essentials that can help you personally during such emergencies. Although an off-the-shelf survival kit can provide a good starting point and offers an easy way to grab the basics you need for most survival situations whether it be at home or outside.

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