How to close apps on your Apple Watch


This article is designed to help you if you want to close or shut down any of your apps on your Apple Watch, this is something that is easy to do on your device with the correct instruction.

You may have lots of apps open on your Apple Watch at the same time and you may want to close these apps on your device. If your Apple Watch is slowing down or your battery is running out more quickly than expected then doing this could help these issues.

How do I close the Apps on my Apple Watch?

If you want to shut down the open apps that are running in the background on your Apple Watch then the first thing you need to do is press the Side Button on your device.

Once this is done it will list all of the apps that are currently open or running on your Apple Watch, you can then choose to shut all of them down or just the ones that you are not using at the moment.

To close the App on your Watch you will need to swipe the app from the right side of the display top to the left side of the display. Once this is done a Red X will appear at the side of the app. Press the Red X and the app will be shut down.

close apps apple watch

The next App that is running will then appear in the display, you can follow the steps above again until all of the apps running that you want to shut down are closed on the device.

Why is it worth closing the apps on my device?

If you are like me you may have a large number of different apps installed on your Apple Watch. If all of these apps are running at the same time in the background then it could possibly affect the performance of your Apple Watch.

There is the possibility that these Apps may slow your device down if they are running in the background, they could be using up the memory on your Apple Watch. There is also another possibility that they may impact the battery life of your Apple Watch, so it is worth shutting these apps down to make sure that they are not having a negative impact on your device.

We hope you will find this guide useful and hope that it will help you get the most out of your Apple Watch, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. You can find out more details about getting the best out of your Apple Watch battery over at Apple’s website. This guide was written using the Apple Watch Series 7 running the watchOS 8.3.

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