Having recovered from success, Final Fantasy 14 is back on sale


After six long weeks, Final Fantasy XIV is back on sale. That’s after Square Enix stopped selling the MMORPG after the critically acclaimed life-hog overwhelmed its servers, causing massive server queues and network errors. Thankfully, those days are behind the game now. So yes, if you’ve been longing to check out its excellent Endwalker expansion or famous smooth grapes, you can! And from a new Oceania server too, because Squeenix now have room for those down under to sample Eorzea’s delicacies.

Two weeks ago, FF14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida announced that they’d resume sales today but keep the free trial on hold. And they’ve done just that. You can purchase the game on digital storefronts, like it was before ‘The Success’. Also as expected, the free trial still isn’t available to download. Squeenix are still monitoring server stability on this front, so only time will tell when it’s back up and running.

As mentioned in the game’s 6.08 patch notes, the new Oceania data centre is also ready to take players from New Zealand and Australia on board. It features five servers and some bonus EXP rewards to help newly created characters power through those early levels that bit faster. Also, this map is nice:

Other servers are in the pipeline, with Europe getting the first batch in July, followed by North America and Japan next year.

In other Final Fantasy news, apparently the creator of Final Fantasy has his own FF14 clothing line?! And it’s called the sakaGUCCI?! My character Shadow Hulk is wearing a mismatch of items that makes his numbers go up, with zero style. My new goal is to outfit him in these threads. His level may be low, but his drip will be unmatched.

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