Essential Apple Watch accessories for 2022


The Apple Watch Series 7 launched last year, Apple also offers a number of other models and now we have details on some of the essential and best Apple Watch Accessories for 2022.

There are essentially three models of the Apple Watch to choose from, this includes the Apple Watch Series 7, the Apple Watch SE, and the Apple Watch Series 3. There are also some special edition models which include the Apple Watch Nike and the Apple Watch Hermes.

Once you have decided which Apple Watch you want you may also want to have a looks at the many different Apple Watch accessories that are available to buy. There are so many to choose from, we decided to write this handy guide to help you decide which accessories are right for you.

An Apple Watch charging stand or dock

apple watch charging dock

The Apple Watch comes with a MagSafe charger, although you may actually want a stand that you can place your Apple Watch on to charge. There are many different models available, like the Apple Watch magnetic charging dock pictured above.

Belkin Boost Charge Pro

Another great stand for the Apple Watch which can also charge your iPhone at the same time is the Belkin Boost Charge Pro, this can be used to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and also your AirPods depending on the model. You can find out more details about this charging dock over at Apple.

There are many different charging docks available for the Apple Watch, so it is worth having a look around to see which one is best for you.

An additional Apple Watch strap

Apple Watch Strap

When you buy your Apple Watch you get to choose which strap the device comes with, many of the Apple Watch models come with a Sport Band, there are also various other straps to choose from.

These include the Solo Loop, the Braided Solo Loop, the Sport Loop, the Nike Sport Band, Nike Sport Loop, a range of leather straps, Stainless Steel straps in various colors including the Milanese Loop, the Silver Link bracelet. There is also a range of Hermes straps and more straps direct from Apple.

Marge Plus

As well as the various straps that Apple offers there are a wide range of third-party straps for the Apple Watch and many people change these on a regular basis, for example, the Marge Plus pictured above. Just like with a traditional wristwatch you can choose an alternative strap for the Apple Watch to match your outfit, this is one of the most versatile Apple Watch accessories with lots of different options.

Apple Watch travel accessories

Time Porter

There are a number of different travel accessories for the Apple Watch, these including travel cases for the Apple Watch like the Twelve South TimePorter pictured above. This can be used to easily charge your Apple Watch when you are traveling. This is a great device that can be used to store your Apple Watch accessories and also charge your device at the same time.Satechi Quatro wireless power bank

Another great travel accessory for the Apple Watch is a backup battery pack that you can use to charge your Apple Watch on the go, like the Satechi Quatro wireless power bank, this can be used to charge your Apple Watch and other devices.

Apple Airpods and other wireless headphones for the Apple watch

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods and various other wireless headphones are one of the most popular accessories for the Apple Watch, these can be used to listen to music whilst you are working out and more. There are many different types of wireless headphones to choose from

Apple offers a number of different AirPods which work well with the Apple Watch, this includes the AirPods Pro and also the 2nd and 3rd generation AirPods. If you want headphones specifically for working out then there are a number of different Beats headphones like the Powerbeats Pro which are great for working out. There is also a wide range of wireless headphones from other companies that you can use with your Apple Watch.

powerbeats pro

There are many different accessories to choose from for the Apple Watch, we hope you will find this guide useful and hope that it will help you choose some Apple Watch accessories to suit your needs.

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