Technics SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver unveiled


Technics has unveiled its latest receiver at the Consumer Electronics Show, the Technics SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver.

The new Technics SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver will be launching in February and it joins the SB-C600 Compact Speaker System launched in September 2021.

“The SA-C600 is a significant add-on to the Technics portfolio, filling the gap between all-in-one compact speaker systems such as C70MK2 and true separate component systems such as the C700 and the G700 systems,” says European Technics Product Manager Frank Balzuweit. “There is high demand for such products – a compact, highly elegant, yet ultimately high-performing receiver with
the option to connect virtually any speakers of choice. This enables a performance level not possible with all-in-one solutions, yet without the need to find space for lots of components within the home.”

The new SA-C600 inherits the sophisticated full-digital amplification technology based on the JENO Engine, which is the firm fundament for rock-solid power and dynamic music reproduction typical of all Technics products. It also pays heed to users’ constantly rising demands for wider connectivity and flexibility.

You can find out more information about the new Technics SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver over at Technics at the link below.

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