Final Fantasy XIV Online wearable gaming speaker


Panasonic has introduced a new Final Fantasy XIV Online Edition of its previously launched SC-GN01 wearable gaming speaker which is available to purchase priced at around £160. The Panasonic wearable speaker features three game modes enhancing gameplay when enjoying your favorite role-playing game, first person shooter or simply engaging in voice communication.

“Switching between the three modes depending on the game being played will create an experience filled with intensity, tension, and a high level of reality. The GN01 also includes a Music Mode and Cinema Mode to provide a realistic listening and viewing experience for content other than games. Furthermore, by equipping a high-performance noise and echo cancelling dual microphone, the GN01 allows you to chat clearly with other players while still enjoying the powerful surround sound of the GN01.”

Features of the Panasonic gaming speaker

  • Three game-specific audio modes
  • True MAGESS (Majestic Augmented Gaming Environment Sound System) with 4-channel full-range speakers
  • Original signal processing (up mix/down mix to 4ch)
  • High performance noise and echo cancelling dual microphone for chatting
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable extended gameplay

Final Fantasy Panasonic wearable gaming speaker

Final Fantasy Panasonic wearable gaming speaker

“The GN01 offers a high-fidelity sound field which enhances game audio and provides a truly realistic journey within the game world. The GN01 is optimized for use with FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, the critically acclaimed MMORPG from SQUARE ENIX. and provides an unparalleled audio experience within the world of Hydaelyn. The GN01 is equipped with three sound modes expertly created through joint development with the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online sound team, allowing users to fully enjoy immersive gameplay.

With an emphasis on eliminating sound delays, a wired connection with a USB cable was chosen to ensure the best experience possible. Many game consoles enable connections with a single USB cable*8, so you can play without worrying about delays in various game playing environments.”

Source : Panasonic

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